Monday, September 29, 2008

My favorite class bead!

This is my favorite bead from Corina's class. We used several colors of glass, goldstone, silver foil and dichroic glass. What fun!

Corina's class

I made this bead on the second day of Corina's class. It has several colors of glass and silver mesh in it.

Corina Tettinger's class

I made this bead in Corina's class. She made the checkerboard and gave some to everyone in class. This bead has lots to look at!

Ammonite bead

This is my ammonite bead from day two of Andrea's class

Andrea's class - day two

This is my version of Andrea Guarino's galaxy bead. This was so much fun to make. We used several different colors of glass, goldstone, fine silver wire and silver foil in this bead.