Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kate's (Fabulous) blog and Lisa Jo Hartman's Shaping class at Blue Moon Glassworks

Check out Kate's fabulous blog from the link on my favorites. She has been doing some gorgeous artwork in paper arts, mixed media and glass fusing. She and I both need to get out and work with glass in the studio.

I recently finished Lisa Jo Hartman's shaping class at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, Texas. What a wonderful class! We learned shaping of various beads, making and placing stringer, working with large amounts of glass and encasing techniques. This is a "must-take class" for all beginning lampworkers. I can't wait for her next class at Blue Moon!

I'm also excited about Andrea Guarino's class at Blue Moon Glassworks in April. Check out her work on my favorites link.


Kate said...

love your blog, show us more of the beads you have made.


Linda Manning Findley said...

Peg fabulous beads but we know you do awesome work on anything you do ... love being able to see some of your work ...... keep posting so I can droll .... Linda F